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Brad P.

Brad P.

This is Brad, a handsome Sheepadoodle with a big personality to match. Brad has a beautiful brown phantom coloring, as well as a sweet and gentle temperament. He's always up for a cuddle, and loves exploring the outdoors. Brad is sure to bring loads of joy and companionship to your family. He's a big sweet boy that will fill your home with lots of love.


F1 Sheepadoodle REVERSE



Born 05/27/2023

Go Home 07/22/2023


This is an extra special litter, Our Merle F1 Sheepadoodle stud, Dill Pickle (95lbs) tied ( mated) with our most popular Sheepdog, Teeny.

These pups will be Extra Large, we expect the females to average 80lbs and the males to top out near 100lbs ( Dill is still a very young man and growing)

Dill is an aboslutely delightful fellow, his goofy way of approaching life steals hearts everywhere he goes. 



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