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About Pine Belt Pups

Companions for Every Family

Our goal at Pine Belt Pups is to match individuals and families with the breed that fits their lifestyle. By getting to know you and your family or lifestyles unique needs, we are able to best match you with the best family companion to fill your home with endless love and joy.

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Sheepadoodles & Labradoodles, Oh My!

While we're biased, both Sheepadoodle and Labradoodle breeds bring a lot of affection and fun into any household. One question we frequently receive is about temperament and what adult dogs will be like. While doodle breeds traits are often attributed as being intelligent, active, faithful companions, our Lab mixes exhibit additional gentle, outgoing personalities, while Old English Sheepdog mixes often show more playful, loving mentalities. These individual qualities compliment each other well, rounding out the mixed breeds.

Adult Labradoodles are often larger dogs, ranging from 60 to 80 lbs. - versus Sheepadoodles that will typically fall between 55 and 70 lbs. Regardless of size, all Pine Belt Puppies receive a foundation for potty and crate training, as well as all appropriate vaccinations prior to being placed in home.

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