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Meet Our Pack

Old English Sheep Dog with Sheepadoodle puppies


AKC Registered Old English Sheepdog, 66 lbs.

Wise beyond her years, Luna is our most docile and non-confrontational of the group. Loving and cautious, she is less likely to compete with others for your attention and instead waits for her time to receive one-on-one affection. She has grown into a trusted playmate for any counterpart, including our newest additions. Luna's favorite way to spend family time and car rides is with her chin upon an arm, leg, or any available body part. While her calm nature reflects her natural demeanor, her dominant size lends her a paw up during playtime as she easily shrugs off challengers.

Old English Sheep Dog by Pine Belt Doodles


AKC Registered Old English Sheepdog, 53 lbs.

Look at those eyes! Outgoing, sweet and independent, Teeny's presence and energy always carries the morale of her playmates. In other words: she’s the life of the party! As playtime slows, she can be found next to sister, Buffy, relaxing and sharing affection. She's a smart girl who has done great when training with her human dad, Chuck. Family time behavior includes lounging and a tender approach toward new comers who may just be visiting for the day.



AKC Registered Old English Sheepdog, 55 lbs.

Meet Teeny's twin sister!

As you can see, Buffy is kind, affectionate and adores her human family, it doesn't take long to find Buffy - she's usually just over your shoulder! On leisurely walks, you can expect to find her right by your side, frequently looking for opportunities to receive your attention and loving touch. Unless, that is, her attention has been captured by sister Teeny. The two are most often inseparable and enjoy exploring new areas together and making sure to have one another's back. When family and friends are present, she is the definition of gentle, calm and sweet. Buffy is truly everything one could hope for in a family pet!


Chet is a wonderful boy. He is full of life and is ready to get involved in what ever is going on. Playtime seemingly has no end until the belly rubbing starts. He melts like butter and is now your best friend. Not only does he have a heart of gold, his happy-go-lucky attitude makes him a joy to be with. Chet is a great dog and his puppies will certainly come home with many of his amazing traits.


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CKC Registered F1 Labradoodle, 40 lbs.

At first glance she may appear to be just another pretty face…but beneath her exotic good looks she is not only intelligent, but also obedient and often the first to respond to a command. She is a natural leader. She's an independent girly girl and a loyal best friend who never lets you out of her sight. Her love for children is unmatched. The special attention she receives from others brightens her day as much as her love does for them! At a family get together you will likely find her close to the action and calmed by the affection she receives from others.



Sister (aka Sis) remains shy and reserved for all newcomers. Once company has arrived, she patiently awaits one-on-one time with ALL parties in attendance. On her approach to each new encounter, Sis carefully observes an individual's body language  ensuring a mutual understanding that she will receive affection. At home, she is the definition of chill - claiming the fireplace hearth as her personal oasis for some much needed R&R after a day in the life of a sheepadoodle. When playtime finally arrives, Sis often prioritizes maternal activities before her own. She is always the first in line to engage our puppies, offering everything from gentle romps in the yard to offering lessons on proper behavior with other adults. Whether it's finding a shaded spot to babysit puppies outside or enticing playtime with her buddies, Sis stays observant and mission-orientated.