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Looking back, the path that led me to breeding dogs began on my 4th birthday...

...when my parents gifted me with a Chocolate Labrador Retriever - Ben. It was through Ben that I experienced "man's best friend" and what would become a passion of mine.


After his passing, I considered the life and home that I shared with him. We did everything together; we watched television, played basketball - and yes, he slept with me every night. I loved Ben but didn't love the shedding that came with the breed, so the search for our next family companion expanded. That's when Standard Poodles, and Buddy, entered the picture. Much like Ben, I formed a quick attachment to Buddy without all the dog hair attached to me.


As I grew, went away for college, and joined the military thereafter, I was met with the opportunity to get a dog of my very own. In consideration of the connection I had made with my chocolate lab, as well as the experienced intelligence of the poodle, I landed on a Labradoodle puppy named Hersey who is still with me today. Sweet and smart, well-behaved and happy – she is the perfect companion for my own family.

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During my time in the military while working towards a master’s degree in public health, I found myself helping out a friend select a breeder and puppy for himself. My parents having started their own breeding business, Will Wind Doodles, I had become well versed in the ins and outs of the business. As such, I had become to go-to guy for assistance in all things dog-related.


Talking with different individuals and families, as well as working with my parents when visiting, I had gained a comprehensive understanding of canine care and specific needs that come with breeding. And, yet, when my mom asked me if I had thought of breeding too – I truthfully hadn’t. With the wheels in my head turning, I realized that breeding would be a great fit for me.


Dogs have had a great influence on me, from a young age, and I was eager to share the love I had with dogs with others. The rest is history, as they say. With every litter we welcome, every smiling face that greets their new family companion, every connection made in the matter of a minute – I’m thankful for the gift of Ben on my fourth birthday and the eventual gift of Pine Belt Pups.



Our goal at Pine Belt Pups is to match individuals and families with the breed that fits their lifestyle. Whether the family has allergy consideration, is active and needs a companion willing to be on the go or is simply looking for a dog to love on, we strive to understand your needs and provide you with the best family companion to fill your home with endless love and joy.

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